Chicago Sports Museum

The 8,000 square foot Chicago Sports Museum offers an interactive experience for visitors to explore the legends of Chicago sports. It combines interactive experiences – including skill challenges and simulated experiences – with unique sports memorabilia and game treasures. Admission to the Chicago Sports Museum is complimentary with a purchase at Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch inside Water Tower Place, or it’s $6.00 per adult and seniors and kids ages 3–11 get in for $3.00. Brought to you by our friends at moving company Columbia!

You can compare yourself to the size of some of professional athletes. There are jerseys, equipment, rings and lots of newspaper articles. You can try your luck at racing, hitting a baseball, shooting a basketball, throwing a football or shooting a hockey puck. There are lots of picture opportunities.

There are a few things to check out:

The 2003 Cubs playoff foul ball — Steve Bartman interfered with a foul ball in a 2003 playoff game, and cost the Cubs a National League pennant. Harry Caray’s CEO Grant Deporter bought the ball that Bartman deflected and destroyed it at a public event in 2004. The remnants of the baseball are on display next to an installation that allows fans to “detonate” a replica.
Sammy Sosa’s corked bat — There is an area of the museum that shows CAT scans of baseballs and bats, including Sammy Sosa’s notorious corked bat. Attendees can view one of Sosa’s bats and then use a computer terminal to zoom in on a scan of its interior.
Sports almanac and hoverboard from Back to the Future II — Remember when Marty McFly traveled to the year 2015 and discovered that the Cubs had swept the World Series? The sports almanac and hoverboard props that were used in the movie are here on display.
Will Perdue’s size 21 shoes — A cool exhibit is one of former Chicago Bulls player Will Perdue’s gigantic size 21 basketball shoes. It makes Derrick Rose’s size 13 kicks (also on display) look quite small in comparison.

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